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  • Small (17in X 19in)
  • Medium (19in X 21in)
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Please note that the products may take longer than usual to reach you, due to the Covid-19 crisis


Not just green in color, but made of greens too, the Beco Compostable Garbage Bags are our answer to the urgency of effective waste segregation and disposal. Regular plastic garbage bags end up in landfills for centuries, restricting natural breakdown of waste and posing a threat to birds and animals. 

Made of Plastarch, (PSM) a new form of plastic that comprises of corn starch and other plant friendly ingredients, which naturally decompose without causing any damage to the environment, here is an invention that can support the waste crisis in our landfills. 

Plastarch is a biodegradable, thermoplastic resin with natural renewable resources such as plant starch as the main raw material, modified and plasticized, as a new type of bio-plastic. The starch is modified in order to obtain heat-resistant properties, making PSM one of few bioplastics capable of withstanding high temperatures.

With Plastarch as the base, these non-toxic, odorless garbage bags are multipurpose, food grade and 100% biodegradable, making them ideal for daily use.

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100% Corn Starch to create Food Grade Plastarch Material (PSM) Bioplastic

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Plastics, Chemicals 

Additional information

Weight 1.606557377 kg
Dimensions 38 × 29 × 5 cm

Small (17in X 19in), Medium (19in X 21in)

Ethico says

The most essential household swap to make for a more sustainable future, the Beco garbage bags are sturdy and utilitarian in the best way possible – they make a different to the planet.

About the brand

With a vision to provide sustainable alternatives to such everyday single use products, Aditya Ruia, Anuj Ruia, and Akshay Varma founded Beco (Be Eco), a consumer goods company in 2018, which manufactures biodegradable and sustainable alternatives to single use-products such as dinner napkins, toilet roll, facial tissues, tissue roll and more. 

The Mumbai-based startup claims to use biodegradable and compostable raw materials like bamboo and corn starch to prepare various SKUs of tissue, straws, toothpicks, cotton balls, and kitchen towels. Beco also claims to use recycled and craft paper to package its finished goods in contrast to the plastic packaging used by most of their competitors.

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