who we are

If you have found us, you are probably as troubled by the onslaught of plastic as we are. You feel helpless and clueless about what a single person can do. We have been there – disgusted, disgruntled and (almost) defeated by the scale of the problem. Until, we decided to get off our butts.

We took a pair of (reusable) gloves and picked up every piece of plastic we could lay our hands on, on the beach near our home. What started as two people has grown into #MahimBeachCleanUp, a large citizen movement that has rid the Mahim shoreline of more than 10,00,000 kgs of marine litter.

Founders of #MahimBeachCleanUp Indranil and Rabia

what we do

Over the years we have been at it, a few things have become crystal clear. We are not alone. There are millions of people like us. Folks who care passionately about the beautiful planet we live on. People who are not afraid to make the tiny and sometimes big personal changes that will make the difference. We have also understood how the challenge is so much more than just plastic.

Core Volunteers at #MahimBeachCleanUp Prabal, Jeet, Viren, Raj
We’re here to create a community of like-minded people, foster conversations and initiate action against the climate crisis – in ways both, big and small.