All aboard the Tiger Express – Ethico special feature on International Tiger Day

On International Tiger Day, Ethico salutes Govardhan Meena, who has been using a decked out minibus to introduce thousands of children to not just the majestic cats, but also to the forest in their backyard.

Back to basics – Almitra’s (sustainable) story

Anamika Sengupta, social entrepreneur and founder of Almitra Sustainables talks about how she set up two successful businesses while perfecting the art of slow living.

No child’s play!

12-year-old climate activist Ridhima Pandey talks about her journey, signing a petition at the UN alongside Greta Thunberg, and climate activism in times of Coronavirus.

“Good design is good business”

…says Hemmant Jha of Honest Structures, as he talks about how good design is empathetic, mindful and ‘good for everyone’

Fighting green crisis with Green Humour

Armed with words and wit, illustrator Rohan Chakravarty is sketching a unique dialogue around wildlife and conservation.

The amazing benefits of going plant-based

My journey to a plant-based diet began on a whim three years ago and I feel stronger and healthier than ever before.

Discover the virtue of ‘organic’ from the founder of a farmers’ store

The founder of Mumbai’s first 100% organic produce shop, Rahul Pabreja deconstructs the buzzword and explains why we must educate ourselves about it.

Finance to farming – why I moved off the grid

From braving flooded tents to feeling the love of your first homegrown harvest, the pursuit of farm life is as rewarding as the dream, Harsh Valechha tells us.

Treewear – Making the everyday organic

Made of organic ingredients that are often good enough to eat, TreeWear provides chemical-free alternatives for everyday articles

This Mumbai couple is setting goals for an eco-friendly urban home

Having made a few conscious switches towards a sustainable home, Prashant and Vibhuti are always exploring ways to make their home an urban oasis.

Reinterpret jugaad with LataSita’s upcycled fashion

Team Ethico spoke to Fashion entrepreneur Meghna Nayak about her company LataSita, which upcycles one’s existing wardrobe to weave a brand new story – all while leaving no new trail

Arrested development – How Aarey protest landed me in jail

One of the largest citizen action movements protesting the felling of 2,000 trees to build a metro carshed, the Aarey protests have been a show of strength and spirit in Mumbai. And for some of us it has been a defining lesson in fight and forbearance.

The great Indian zero waste wedding

From dodging questions and comments to single-use plastic, Deepa and Prashin set a fine example of a sustainable wedding

Our tryst with trash: The Ethico story

Ethico founder Indranil and his wife Rabia, together with the founders of the #MahimBeachCleanUp, share their trials and triumphs of exposing one of Mumbai’s neglected beaches from under piles of trash.

Meet Karan – the music therapist you must lend an ear to

Therapeutic music practitioner, Karan Sajnani speaks of healing sounds as the mindful, holistic and perhaps more effective alternative to Western medicine.

Meet the king of zero-waste cafes, Eat Raja!

A local eatery owner in Bengaluru’s Malleshwaram, Raja is a cheerful and much-loved ambassador of the zero-waste life

Starting from scrap! Meet the upcycling entrepreneur

Made entirely from upcycled material, Hamsini’s creations are a riot of all things pretty

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green carpet

Nandita Das

Nandita Das is an actor and director with real social cred. Armed with a master’s in social work, she made her way into the world of film, looking at it as a medium that really enabled her to spread her message. In the sphere of social work, she is best known as the face of the Dark is Beautiful and its successor, India’s Got Colour, campaigns. Das has consistently spoken out against “colorism” in India, expressing surprise and disappointment at the fact that in a country of largely dark-skinned people, we still put a premium on fairness. Additionally, Das has directed a 90-second public interest film on rainwater harvesting for the Centre for Science and Environment, acted in a documentary called “A Drop of Life” that promotes water literacy, and spoken out against the cutting down of trees in Mumbai’s Aarey Forest.

Would our yogis approve of athleisure?

Laced with plastic and spun out of synthetic fibers, the fast-fashion favorite is a huge faux pas for the environment .

How sustainability is driving my parenting decisions

Are you a to-be or new parent confused about how to raise your baby sustainably? Read on to find out how you can make some easy changes without breaking the bank.

Your (e)waste is your responsibility

From a respectful farewell for your once-loved iPad to guidelines that must govern your next headphones purchase, here’s what you must know about your electronic waste, according to Dr. Uttam Doraswami, Founder & Director at Elxion Private Limited.

Trends don’t last, cultures do

Join Ethico as we celebrate our independence month with curated articles which urge you to choose better. Our first article in the azaadi series is to look within our own cultures.

Ethico Bookshelf – August reads

Here’s what our reading list looks like this month. Pick a title of your choice and join us!

Sustainable gifts your sibling will love this Raksha Bandhan

On the day celebrating the bond between siblings, look beyond chocolates or mithai and consider one of these environmentally friendly gifting options.

Say goodbye the sustainable way

While it is easy to defer to tradition when it comes to planning a funeral, here is how we can change our approach to death and take a more eco-friendly route.

Wildernest, a sustainable getaway

An ecotel wedged between the tri-state boundaries of Goa, Karnataka, and Maharashtra in the lush Mahdei Bioregion, Wildernest is based on the sound principle of minimal interference.

The rustic love of DIY hair care

Our kitchens are repositories of natural hair care goodness. And if we get past the initial apprehension of going chemical-free, it’s a beautifully organic journey

It’s never too late (or early) to start sustainable menstrual hygiene

Roughly 6,000+ plastic menstrual pads can be replaced with sustainable products if one of us makes the switch. Have you started yet?

Today’s readers, tomorrow’s climate leaders

Fun and fascinating, these books about the environment are engaging and drive home a strong message.

Will you join the Plastic Free July campaign?

If you haven’t already begun your journey towards sustainability, here’s some inspiration for you to get started and take up the plastic-free challenge.

Ethico Bookshelf – July reads

Here’s what our reading list looks like this month. Pick a title of your choice and join us!

Clean Beauty = Amazing YOU

Follow these amazing global influencers to get your daily dose of green, sustainable beauty recommendations.

Compostable, eco-friendly, biodegradable – don’t let the wordplay get to you

Information is the first step towards adapting a sustainable lifestyle. Poonam Bir Kasturi helps us understand the implication of some of the buzzwords in the space

Ethico Bookshelf – June reads

Here’s what our reading list looks like this month. Pick a title of your choice and join us!

Why we must think like the Japanese

A modern society that is rooted in traditional philosophies, Japan looks into the future while borrowing generously from its past. We must too.

Ethico Bookshelf – May reads

Here’s what our reading list looks like this month. Pick a title of your choice and join us!

Eco-documentaries for lockdown viewing

From ocean pollution to animal cruelty and global warming, here are our picks for some gut-wrenching, eye-opening and sometimes, heart warming films.

Confessions of a serial meditator

How Vipassana changed the way I engage with my thoughts

5 simple munchies you can stir up at home

We love the crunch of a crisp as much as we hate the rustle of the plastic packet that it comes wrapped in. With these home-made recipes, you can skip the noise.

Ethico Bookshelf – April reads

Here’s what our reading list looks like this month. Pick a title of your choice and join us!

Simple Steps for a Greener Home

It’s always the little things, isn’t it? Follow these simple steps to make your house more sustainable

Three reasons why your child must grow up with wooden toys

From sparking imagination to making the child more mindful, wooden toys are so much more than their plastic counterparts

Exfoliate, naturally

Fix yourself a DIY face scrub that is good enough to eat

Recycle guide for the lazy Good Samaritan

If you have the heart to donate but not the time for it, here are a few good ideas to turn to.

Plastics explained: What you need to learn and unlearn about the problem polymer

The first step to solving a problem is understanding it. Here, we break down the complex world of plastics so you can navigate your way through it better.

Here’s what we took away from Dysco’s very woke Y3K

A shared space for anyone and everyone working towards a better planet, Y3K – Planet Lost and Found, garnered pertinent environmental voices and conversation.

Ethico Bookshelf – March reads

Here’s what our reading list looks like this month. Pick a title of your choice and join us!

What I took back from a clothes swap…apart from the clothes

…a brand new perspective on hand-me-downs and a closet space that no longer hosted items that didn’t serve a purpose

Only electric cars can drive sustainable change. Or can they?

Electric cars can stop global warming. Or can they? Girish Karkera clears the air around these haloed machines.

Here’s why you should start composting today

Humans are the only species to generate waste that can’t naturally decompose, making composting not just a crucial but also necessary part of urban living, says Rajeshwari Phadtare Mahadik.

To bee or not to bee – isn’t a question. Pollinators are begging for our attention!

Often dismissed as pests and now facing the threat of decline, it’s high time we recognize pollinators for what they are – life savers

Why Fast Fashion must go out of style

The fashion industry is one of the biggest in the world, accounting for 2% of the global Gross Domestic Product. It is also one of the biggest polluters on Earth—second only to oil.

Don’t be a trashy tourist, clean up after yourself

A good traveller is a mindful traveller. Do you follow these simple green travel tips?

Give your baby the comfort and hygiene of a cloth diaper

Disposable nappies are a nightmare for our landfills. While nothing beats the classic (albeit labor-intensive) ‘langot’, the cloth diaper is your next best bet

How many Earths would we need if we all lived like you?

The Footprint Calculator offers a reality check on the consequences of our actions – ecologically

The radical goodness of green volunteering and why you must try it

Enriching and enjoyable as any other holiday (if not more), this one comes without the guilty indulgences of one – at less than half its cost. And a whole other world joy!

How to speak to a climate change skeptic

Despite the melting icebergs and plastic-laden fish bellies, there are those who diss the environmental talk. Talkback, smartly

How to be a conscious consumer

Mindful consumption is the first step to conscious living. Start now.

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