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Ethico is a platform for conscious consumers and entrepreneurs to engage in a healthy exchange of ideas and products that leave a positive impact on the planet and livelihoods. We would love to connect like-minded social enterprises and individuals to create a space that nurtures ethical practices which can sustain themselves and also inspire others.

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The inspiration behind Ethico, our journey at #MahimBeachCleanUp is a citizen initiative that has thus far, been sustained entirely by us. As we take our vision forward we need your support to create a larger environmental impact via Ethico which educates, empowers, and helps switch many more individuals to a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle. We cannot do this alone and need your help. Your contributions will help us pursue stories of inspiring people and practices that positively impact our planet. The contribution will not only drive our quest for quality stories but also sustain our efforts at the #MahimBeachCleanUp and help recycle the waste that we collect week after week. Any and every contribution (however big or small) will encourage us to keep at our efforts, please make a contribution here.

Or contribute using the following GPay UPI ID: rabia.tewari@okhdfcbank

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All the products sold on Ethico meet the highest standards of ethical and fair trade practices. If you’d like to us to feature your product/products in our shop section, write to us and we’d love to introduce our readers to yet another mindful purchase. We only associate with brands that commit to eco-friendly packaging and plastic-free shipping. In case of products that find it difficult to eliminate plastic entirely, the vendor must commit to collecting it back from Ethico or the consumer.

Write to us a brief note about your brand along with your website link (if any) and we’ll get in touch with you soon.

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If you are a company that practises fair trade and promotes sustainable products and practises, we’d love to let our readers know about you. We cater to a growing community of consumers who understand the power of their choices and how it can help impact the world around, positively. If you’re in the renewable energy, e-automotives, waste management solutions, zero-waste products, sustainable products space, we’d love to hear from you!

Write to us a brief note about your product along with your website link (if any) and we’ll get in touch with you soon.