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Please note that the products may take longer than usual to reach you, due to the Covid-19 crisis


Devoid of the chemicals, bleaching agents and plastics found in a modern-day disposable diaper; the Superbottom’s Free Size Plus Uno All in One (AIO) Diaper is the safest, most hygienic solution to your babies diapering needs.

Ideal for new-born babies to toddlers; from 6-month-old infants to 3-year old’s, in the 5kg to 17kg weight range, the Plus Uno diapers feature GOTS certified Organic Cotton, a dry feel fabric and snaps for adjustable sizing. The term Plus Uno Diapers specifically refers to diapers that have one dry feel soaker already sewn on and attached to the waterproof outer shell, as well as an additional snap-able soaker for boosting absorbency. Since this system helps in the diaper being self-sufficient, it is labelled All in One. 

Thanks to washing machine friendly components, the Superbottoms diapers are easy to use and maintain. Besides being infinitely better for your babies’ delicate skin as compared to chemical laced disposables, advanced cloth diapers are also the mindful choice for the environment, as single use disposables take centuries to decompose into micro plastics in our overflowing landfills, all while contaminating ground water. 

Available in a variety of prints to suit every style and mood, the AIO diaper is long-lasting and ideally a night-time diapering solution. The diaper can be used as a swim diaper too, making it a versatile, conscious choice.

How to use it: 

Step 1 – After purchase, please read the wash and care instructions before use. You must wash the diaper once (this is called ‘prepping’ the diaper) before use to enable absorbency

Step 2 – Watch the online sizing video tutorials to learn how to properly fit the diaper

Step 3 – Depending on whether you’re using a Cover Diaper or AIO, attach the inserts and you’re ready to go!

What’s In:
GOTS Certified Cotton, PUL outer waterproof cover and plastic snaps

What’s Out:
Plastic on the skin, Chemicals, Bleaching Agents, Artificial Fragrances

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Dimensions 20 × 20 × 7 cm
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Baby Talk, Doodle Love, Fairy Lights, Ikat Chevron, Rainbow Twinkles, Wandering Foodie

Ethico says

The Superbottoms advanced cloth diapers is one of most valuable purchases you can make as a new parent. The ease of use and functionality of these diapers are far superior to disposables, once you understand how to properly size and fit the diaper on your baby. We especially appreciate that the all moms Superbottoms Team has a dedicated 24/7 WhatsApp helpline and prompt customer and after sales service.

About the brand

Pallavi Utagi, a Mumbai-based pharmaceutical professional, started the popular eco-friendly, reusable cloth diapering brand, Super Bottoms in 2015, soon after the birth of her son made her mindful to the waste generated by single use disposable diapers. Surprisingly, she found India lacked greener options like advanced cloth diapers. The few international brands that retailed in India were either very expensive or unsuitable for our babies. She soon began learning about different fabrics and trying out different combinations on her son. Pallavi then got a few designer friends to help with the unique prints that her brand is now known for. 

India’s first and only CPSIA tested and certified cloth diaper brand in India, Superbottoms is a company run by mothers, with a 24-hour dedicated helpline managed by an all-mom team.

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