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  • Pack of 10
  • Pack of 30
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A strong paper bin liner made with discarded newspapers, it holds your kitchen, bathroom and office waste without making the dustbin messy. This 100% biodegradable and compostable paper bin liner is an earth-friendly alternative to plastic dustbin liners. 

They are hand made by women from low income families. So using the paper bin liners not only helps reduce plastic pollution but also creates employment opportunities.

13 x 6 x 31 inches

What’s In:
Discarded Newspapers, Starch Glue

What’s Out:
Plastic, Chemicals, Fuels

Additional information

Weight 0.94 kg
Dimensions 13 × 6 × 31 cm

Pack of 10, Pack of 30

Ethico says

Go green in your home and office by picking the most environment-friendly way to discard waste by using these paper bin liners made out of discarded newspapers.

About the brand

Created by the founders of #MahimBeachCleanUp, Indranil and Rabia believe that only sustained and dedicated efforts, as well as a conscious shift in mind-set can truly facilitate great change. A shift from convenient to conscious and sustainable living is what sowed the seeds for Ethico India, a network that strives to inspire sustainable practices to fight the current environmental crisis.

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