Engaging stories, inspiring lives. Meet the people that walk the talk on matters of sustainability and ethical living.

Conservation happens when you fall in love

The Oscar for documentary short The Elephant Whisperers has brought a lot of joy and has also brought home the deadly impact of human-elephant conflict that’s playing out with alarming frequency in India.

Petal power: Turning floral discards into incense sticks

Meet the entrepreneur duo collecting flowers from across Hyderabad to make eco-friendly products that also empower local women.

‘Sustainability is not altruism, it’s common sense’

Meet Mehndi Shivdasani, a low-waste crusader who has been educating people on sustainable living through her Instagram account, where she goes by the moniker Conscious Chokri.

Raising the roof

Would the environment prefer that you drink your soda out of a can or a bottle? Turns out, it actually would rather you make lemonade from the many lemons it gives you.

Giving back to the community and the planet

As the annual Daan Utsav kicks off, Ethico chats with one of its volunteers, Bharati Dasgupta, about how sustainability is closely tied to the joy of giving.

“Be the alarm, not just the alarmist”

A food and agriculture consultant, Subham Kar Chaudhuri of Extinction Rebellion, Mumbai, tells us why we should no longer keep calm over the climate crisis.

Meet India’s young climate warriors

In recent years, young people from across the globe have been leading the fight against the climate crisis. Here are five such Indians who have brought about transformational change.

Spark joy the green way with Gayatri Gandhi

The Gurugram-based tidying consultant talks about how decluttering our living spaces using the KonMari Method is a great first step towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Tribal activist Archana Soreng is India’s new hope for a greener world

The 24-year-old from Odisha, who has just been appointed to a new UN youth advisory panel, talks about how Adivasi and forest-dwelling communities are in the best position to lead the fight against climate change.

All aboard the Tiger Express – Ethico special feature on International Tiger Day

On International Tiger Day, Ethico salutes Govardhan Meena, who has been using a decked out minibus to introduce thousands of children to not just the majestic cats, but also to the forest in their backyard.

Back to basics – Almitra’s (sustainable) story

Anamika Sengupta, social entrepreneur and founder of Almitra Sustainables talks about how she set up two successful businesses while perfecting the art of slow living.

No child’s play!

12-year-old climate activist Ridhima Pandey talks about her journey, signing a petition at the UN alongside Greta Thunberg, and climate activism in times of Coronavirus.

“Good design is good business”

…says Hemmant Jha of Honest Structures, as he talks about how good design is empathetic, mindful and ‘good for everyone’

Fighting green crisis with Green Humour

Armed with words and wit, illustrator Rohan Chakravarty is sketching a unique dialogue around wildlife and conservation.

The amazing benefits of going plant-based

My journey to a plant-based diet began on a whim three years ago and I feel stronger and healthier than ever before.

Discover the virtue of ‘organic’ from the founder of a farmers’ store

The founder of Mumbai’s first 100% organic produce shop, Rahul Pabreja deconstructs the buzzword and explains why we must educate ourselves about it.

Finance to farming – why I moved off the grid

From braving flooded tents to feeling the love of your first homegrown harvest, the pursuit of farm life is as rewarding as the dream, Harsh Valechha tells us.

Treewear – Making the everyday organic

Made of organic ingredients that are often good enough to eat, TreeWear provides chemical-free alternatives for everyday articles

This Mumbai couple is setting goals for an eco-friendly urban home

Having made a few conscious switches towards a sustainable home, Prashant and Vibhuti are always exploring ways to make their home an urban oasis.

Reinterpret jugaad with LataSita’s upcycled fashion

Team Ethico spoke to Fashion entrepreneur Meghna Nayak about her company LataSita, which upcycles one’s existing wardrobe to weave a brand new story – all while leaving no new trail

Arrested development – How Aarey protest landed me in jail

One of the largest citizen action movements protesting the felling of 2,000 trees to build a metro carshed, the Aarey protests have been a show of strength and spirit in Mumbai. And for some of us it has been a defining lesson in fight and forbearance.

The great Indian zero waste wedding

From dodging questions and comments to single-use plastic, Deepa and Prashin set a fine example of a sustainable wedding

Meet Karan – the music therapist you must lend an ear to

Therapeutic music practitioner, Karan Sajnani speaks of healing sounds as the mindful, holistic and perhaps more effective alternative to Western medicine.


Meet the king of zero-waste cafes, Eat Raja!

A local eatery owner in Bengaluru’s Malleshwaram, Raja is a cheerful and much-loved ambassador of the zero-waste life

Our tryst with trash: The Ethico story

Ethico founders Indranil and Rabia, together also the founders of the #MahimBeachCleanUp, share their trials and triumphs of exposing one of Mumbai’s neglected beaches from under piles of trash.

Starting from scrap! Meet the upcycling entrepreneur

Made entirely from upcycled material, Hamsini’s creations are a riot of all things pretty